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Printer Instructions

Every member company receives:

  • 100 B&W copies per month and 5 cents per page after 100 (Counter resets monthly)
  • Color copies are 25 cents per page

Workbar Printer Setup

Printer Setup for Hub Locations

Back Bay Only - Windows Printer Setup

Linux Printer Setup

Windows Printer Setup

Mac Printer Setup

Printer Setup for Staples Locations

Xerox Printer Setup

Having trouble printing from Adobe on a Mac?

Adobe products on a Mac take issue with our printer driver. When printing Adobe software files (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat...) you'll need to first engage the normal printer box to use the Adobe printer dialogue box. You can access that by hitting the button that says "printer..." usually located on the left hand side of the Adobe printer box. Just go into that, hit print, wait for the Adobe printer box to pop back up and then hit print again. That will fix the communication issue and allow the printer to recognize the Adobe file. Unfortunately you must do this every time you print. We have no way of getting around this as it is an issue with the Adobe software and not our printer software. Here are your steps:1) Go to file, print2) Hit the button that says "printer..." on the left (not the button that says "print")3) Wait for the regular printer dialogue box to come up and be sure your code is saved under job accounting, if not, save it as a preset4) Hit print, this will take you back to the adobe dialogue box5) Hit print again (this should print your Adobe file)

Workbar Scanning and Fax

Scanning to USB

  1. Enter your printer code in the keypad.
  2. Insert your USB in the port on the right side of the keypad.
  3. WAIT
  4. Select “yes” when prompted.
  5. Put your papers in the top feeder (face up) so that the green light in the tray goes on.
  6. Select “Store File
  7. Make any adjustments (B&W, Color, “Change File Name,” or “Continuous Scan” for larger files) and click “Start”
  8. When everything has finished scanning, select “Back to List” & “Remove Memory”. The system will notify you to safely remove the USB.

Scanning to Email

  1. Log in at the printer using your 4-digit company printer code.
  2. Place the original on the platen or in the document processor.
  3. Press the Send key.
  4. Enter the destination address by selecting "Enter an email address:" OR "From the address book:"
  5. Once the email address is selected, hit the green Start button.

Scanning to Email - Staples Locations

  1. Place the original on the platen or in the document processor.
  2. On the touch screen, press email.
  3. Enter the destination address by selecting "Enter an email address:" OR "From the address book:"
  4. Once the email address is selected, hit the green Start button.

Fax Machine

The fax machines are located in the mail and copy areas of each work space and are free for members to use for both incoming and outgoing communication.

  • Boston Fax #: 617.292.2300 Dial "1" first for outgoing faxes.
  • Cambridge Fax #: 617.945.0005 No need to dial "1" first for outgoing faxes.

Workbar Equipment

Targus Instructions

Download the Video, Audio, and Ethernet Software for Mac OS X or Windows (you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page)

  1. Install the software
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Plug the Targus USB cable into your computer


Certain meeting rooms are equipped with video conferencing equipment that can be used along with your choice of software (we recommend Google Hangouts or Skype).

Cambridge Video Conferencing Meeting Rooms: Pintura, Big Bang, Flyer

Boston Video Conferencing Meeting Rooms: Thunderbird, Wave Machine

Webcam Instructions:

  1. Find the USB cord attached to the camera on the bottom of the TV and plug it into your computer. If you have a PC, it may take a minute to install.
  2. In your video conferencing software, adjust the settings for the camera to use the Logitech webcam.
  3. If you would like more detailed options with the camera, we suggest downloading the Logitech webcame software here:

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Reservations

There are several reservable conference rooms in each Workbar location, which are all equipped with VOIP phones, white boards, Apple TV’s, and flat-screen monitors and/or a projector.

Please keep these guidelines using rooms:

  1. To book a room, register at '', select Boston or Cambridge in the top left corner, and click ‘Book a Room’ on the left side of the Wobbe dashboard.
  2. Book your meeting [make sure it’s under the correct date, room and time please]
  3. Companies who have the Full membership and above can have a maximum of 10 hours reserved on the books at any given time. Fivers have 5 hours per month per person during business hours, and Dailies can reserve meeting rooms for an additional charge.
  4. Please use meeting spaces for meetings only and not as general workspace, as it takes away from other members’ ability to use the space for meeting and presentation purposes.
  5. Companies can only book one meeting room at a time, unless prior authorization has been given.