Windows Printer Setup

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A. Download Printer Driver

  1. Follow this link to download the printer driver associated with your computer

B. Install Printer Driver

  1. Open up downloaded driver folder
  2. Click on “Setup”, which is type “Application”
  3. Hit “continue” and “accept” when prompted
  4. Under “Product Library”, select “Express Install”
    1. Highlight the printer with the correct IP address
    2. IP Addresses for each location:
      1. for Cambridge Cafe:
      2. For Cambridge 5th floor:
      3. for Boston:
      4. for Union Square:
      5. for Arlington:
    3. Once highlighted, uncheck “Status Monitor” and hit “Install”
    4. A box will pop up. Uncheck all boxes.
    5. Select “finish”

C. Edit printer settings in computer

  1. Open control panel
  2. Open “Device & Printers” under “Hardware”
  3. Right click on the Kyocera printer and select “Printer Properties”, NOT "Properties"
  4. Go to the “Device Settings” tab
    1. Check the box for “Paper feeder (cassette 1,2)”, “Large capacity feeder (cassette 3,4)”, “1000-sheet finisher”, and “Hard disk”.
      • There may be some differences between different Windows operating systems, but choose the boxes necessary to select the options listed above.
  5. Select the “Administrator” button below the image of the printer on the “Device Settings” tab
    1. Go to the “Job Accounting” tab
    2. Check the box for “Job accounting”
    3. Enter the 4 digit printer code in the box under “Use specific account ID”
    4. Hit “OK”
  6. Go to the “Advanced tab” at the top of box
    1. Press “Printing Defaults” at the bottom
    2. Select “Black and White” as your desired default preference
      • If color is your default but you print a black and white document, it will still be counted as color
    3. Hit “OK” to save and finish process

Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.26.36.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.26.46.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.27.00.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.27.28.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.28.42.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.28.53.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.29.16.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.29.25.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.29.37.png Screenshot 2014-10-15 14.29.46.png