Linux Printer Setup

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1. Settings -> Printers

2. Add new printer using (+) button

3. Enter IP address: and select "Taskalfa-3050ci" then click "Add"

4. Click here! then find and download PPD file zip ( for Linux OS.

5. unzip the zipfile.

6. In the Printers settings, go to "Model" setting and choose "Provide PPD File"

7. Select the unzip file english file called "Kyocera_TASKalfa_3050ci.ppd"

8. Click on "Options" in the printer settings then go to "Installable Options" then go to "Document Finisher" and choose "1000-sheet finished"

9. for "Optional Disk" choose "Hard Disk"

10. under "Options" in the printer settings, go to "Advanced" and scroll to the bottom of the Advanced options. In "Job Accounting" choose "00000000" and click "Close"

11. As root, edit the ppd file for the printer: it is located in /etc/cups/ppd/ and titled "TASKalfa-3050ci.ppd" with "printer" being the cups name for the printer.

12. Search for "Job Accounting" in the Management Code Definitions section.

the default should be what you chose from step (10), i.e. that line should read for ex.

  • DefaultKmManagment: MG00000000

13. Now, edit the actual code definition for code "00000000" by changing the line that used to say

  • KmManagment MG00000000/00000000: "(00000000) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

and change it to include your actual code. For this email purposes, I'll use the sample code 12345, which would then be input as

  • KmManagment MG00000000/12345: "(12345) statusdict /setmanagementnumber get exec"

14. Save, and you're done!